Estate Agency Clients & Mortgage Leads with Affordability Search

Mortgage Affordability Calculator and Lead Generation Tool

OCC Finance Technology are pleased to announce our latest version of IntelliCalcĀ®.

What is Intellicalc and what are its key differentiators?

Intellicalc is essentially an affordability mortgage calculator which provides crucial home affordability values on a visual chart with a slider control to adjust payments and the maximum purchase price to a mortgage you could afford.

When integrated with estate agents websites it also shows you properties affordable and the monthly payment options. A sales lead is then generated and sent straight to the broker, no calls or emails necessary.

Clients gain knowledge of what they can afford and then properties that they can buy within that. Using this process leads generated are prequalified, already know they can afford a mortgage, have a property they can afford in mind and then contact you to find that for them.

*A sales generation tool designed for business growth in an Internet age.

*Creating more traffic on your website and your agents. Equalling greater brand recognition and referrals.

*Giving you the edge over your competitors. Unique selling point in your area. Based on postcode areas to give only your business this USP.

*No more calls from agents and introducers chasing up their clients mortgage. They can simply login and see where they are in the process.

*Clients who never considered a mortgage are 4 x more likely to contact a broker to find out more based upon our affordability guide and property links.

*Pre-qualified high grade leads generated and sent directly to your account ready to be contacted that day.

*Takes 15 minutes to add to a website and we walk you through it whilst also customising it to your business.

*Excellent tool for businesses based in any difficult areas, bring leads directly to you over great or small distances.


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